As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak and in accordance with local health and government guidance, the decision was taken to suspend PTE Academic exam deliveries in a number of locations. We are now beginning to offer test appointments again in some of those locations. However, in order to comply with health and safety requirements we are reducing the number of test takers in each test session to allow for social distancing.


This means that, unfortunately, your original appointment is no longer available. When you log into your account you will see that we have rescheduled your test (into a temporary ‘placeholder’ test center) to a date approximately 90 days in the future. If you have not already done so, within the next 90 days you should log into your account and reschedule this appointment to a time and location of your choice free of charge. Alternatively, you can choose to cancel your appointment and receive a refund.


If you have logged into your account and already rescheduled your appointment then please disregard this.


Further information is provided below:


What does this mean for me?

We have suspended your test appointment which means that you will not lose your test fee and you will be able to book an alternative appointment once appointments are available.


Does that mean my appointment is cancelled?

No. When you log into your account you will see that your test appointment has been moved from your chosen test center to a temporary placeholder test center. When testing resumes you will be able to reschedule your test appointment at your preferred test center free of charge.


What is a temporary placeholder test center?

A temporary placeholder test center is where test appointments are held on a waiting list for when test centers can resume testing. Anyone whose test appointment is currently rescheduled will see a temporary placeholder test center under their account. You will not be able to take your test at this test center.

临时“占位”中心是在考点和考试重新开放之前,供考生等待考位预订的虚拟场次。所有考试已被更改的考生都将进入“占位”中心。 考生不能在“占位”中心进行考试。

How do I know if it is a placeholder test center and not a real test center?

The name of the placeholder test center is "Pearson VUE – CHN".

“占位”中心的显示名称是“Pearson VUE - CHN” 。

"CHN" represents an abbreviated version of the country where your test appointment is held. The name of your country will be shown when you log into your account.


When will my chosen test center reopen?

This is dependent on local health and government guidance. We will reopen your chosen test center as soon as possible. We would encourage you to log into your account daily and check availability.


Where can I find the full list of existing test centers?

Here is the full list of cities where we have test centers: www.pearsonpte.com/the-test/test-centers-and-fees/


How can I reschedule my test to an existing test center?

You must log into your account and reschedule your test free of charge before the appointment date showing against the temporary placeholder test center. This will be approximately 90 days ahead of your original test date. You do not need to contact Customer Services and you will not be charged any additional fee.

您必须登录到您的系统账户,在临时“占位”中心内免费重新预定考试。更改的考试日期须在您已报名的考试日期后的90天以内。 您不需要联系客服中心。您也不用承担任何额外的费用。

Do I need to do anything else to make sure I don't lose my test fee?

No. All you have to do is to reschedule your test to an existing test center once it is reopened according to the current availability.


What actions do I have to take now?

You either reschedule your test to an existing test center once the test center is reopened or you may request a refund. No further action is required.


What do I do if I cannot find a test center or a date that is suitable to me?

You can cancel your test free of charge before the date showing against the temporary placeholder test center.


What do I do if I cannot find a test center or a date that is suitable to me before the date showing against the temporary placeholder test center?

You can contact the Customer Services team who will progress your booking for you.

您可以联系客户服务中心400 120 0832,客户服务人员将帮您完成预定。

How do I request a refund if I paid by using my card or a voucher?

You must log into your account and cancel your current test appointment. The refund will be processed automatically to the same card that was used for payment. If you paid by using a voucher, your voucher will be reinstated automatically. No further action is required.


What will happen if I cannot find any availability even if the chosen test center is reopened?

We understand this may be frustrating, but we would like to ask you for your patience and for you to check daily. Please also check availability of other test centers that may be accessible to you. We are working hard to make more appointments available.


How can I contact the Customer Services team regarding my reschedule or cancellation if I have any further questions which are not covered above?

The Customer Services team is currently experiencing a high volume of queries but is doing everything to respond to your questions as quickly as possible. Please submit your request by visiting our Contact Us(https://pearsonpte.com/contact-us/) page. Please select the Reschedule or Cancel a test section.

虽然客服团队每天要处理大量的问询,但他们会尽一切可能以最快的速度回答您的问题。请访问 “联系我们”页面(https://pearsonpte.com/contact-us/)提交您的问题或要求。请选择“重新预订”或“取消考试”。

Thank you for your patience.


Pearson Customer Services