Pearson Edexcel International Advancecd Level


Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level (IAL) Economics: Effective Delivery and Assessment

Meeting No:16IAB02/02


Date:Friday, March 25th 2016

Venue: 南京雨花台中学 南京雨花台区紫荆花路66号雨花台高级中学南校区国际部 210012 NANJING YU HUA TAI SENIOR SCHOOL,NO.66, ZI JING HUA ROAD, YUHUA DISRICT, NANJING, China

Trainer: Colin Leith

[Note] The availability of seats is limited, please note that reservations are required and seats are allocated on first come first served basis. So please make sure to submit the reservation information before March.10th 2016.


Join our specialist for this full day, face to face event designed for all teachers delivering the current IAL Econmomics specification to provide further insight into teaching and assessment in the subject using real life candidate responses.

Delegates will:

- Explore different approaches to teaching the content of the specification

- Understand the assessment process

- Consider candidate responses alongside mark schemes from previous examinations

- Review examiner report to give feedback on recent candidate performance

- Address common issues and FAQs

This event counts as 5hrs CPD.

How to book

Please send the information as below to:

Wendy Wang:

Centre No.

Centre Name

Teacher`s Full name

Teacher`s contact information

(Email and Mobile)

The training is free of charge for delegates, the teachers will be responsible for their own accommodation. The recommended hotel for the teachers as below:

Nanjing Shanshui Fashion Hotel (南京山水时尚酒店,南京南站店)

  Should you wish to reserve a seat or ask any questions, please feel free to contact Wendy Wang via e-mail