BTEC First以及Nationals内审最新要求


Rules for BTEC Internal Assessment

BTEC Firsts and Nationals from 1st September 2014

From 1st September 2014, we are introducing new rules forinternal assessment which will apply to all BTEC Firsts and Nationals.These rules will apply to theinternal assessment of units forall BTEC Firsts and Nationalson allframeworks from 1stSeptember 2014. They will not apply retrospectively to the internal assessment of unitscompleted before that date and they will not apply to learners who are alreadypart-way through their course on 1stSeptember 2014.

1. Assessment rules

1.1 Providing feedback to learners

Thetutor must decide when the learner is fully prepared to undertake theassessment. Once learners are working onassignments which will be submitted for assessment, they must workindependentlyto produce and prepare evidence for assessment.Beforestartingan assessment, the tutormustensure each learner understands the:· assessmentrequirements

nature of theevidence they need to produce

importance oftime management and meeting deadlines.Once the learnerbegins work for the assessment,the tutormust not:· provide specificassessment feedback on the evidence produced by the learner before it issubmitted for assessment

confirmachievement of specific assessment criteria until the assessment stage.

1.2 Submission of evidence

Onlyone submissionis allowed for each assignment. The assessor must formally record theassessment result and confirm the achievement of specific assessment criteria.Each learnermustsubmit:· an assignment forassessment which consists of evidence towards the targeted assessment criteria

a signed-and-dateddeclaration of authenticity with each assignment which confirms they haveproduced the evidence themselves.The assessormust:· formally recordand confirm the achievement of specific assessment criteria

complete aconfirmation that the evidence they have assessed is authentic and is thelearner’s own work.The assessormustnot:· provide feedbackor guidance on how to improve the evidence to achieve higher grades.

1.3 Opportunities for resubmission

Becauseevery assignment contributes to the final qualification grade, it may beappropriate for the Lead Internal Verifier to authorise one opportunity for alearner to resubmit evidence to meet assessment criteria targeted by anassignment. The Lead InternalVerifiercan only authorise a resubmission if all of the followingconditions are met:

the learner hasmet initial deadlines set in the assignment, or has met an agreed deadlineextension

1.2 Submission of evidence

the tutor judgesthat the learner willbe able to provide improved evidence withoutfurther guidance

the assessor hasauthenticated the evidence submitted for assessment and the evidence isaccompanied by a signed- and-dated declaration of authenticity by the learner.If a learnerhas notmet the conditions listed above, the Lead Internal Verifiermust notauthorise a resubmission.

1.4 Procedure for resubmission

If the Lead Internal Verifier does authorise a resubmission, it must be:· recorded on the assessment form

given a deadline for resubmission within 10working days* of the learner receiving the results of the assessment

undertaken by the learner with no furtherguidance.* 10 working daysmust be within term time, in the same academic year as the original submission.

Our Standards Verifierswillrequire you to include evidence of resubmitted work insampling, including:

evidence of Lead Internal Verifierauthorisation, signed and dated, with the resubmission deadline clearly stated

the initial assessment record

the resubmitted learner evidence,accompanied by a signed-and-dated declaration of authenticity by the learner

the resubmission assessment record, detailingthe additional learner evidence submitted and showing any related changes tothe assessment decisions

confirmation from the assessor that theresubmitted evidence is authentic and is the learner’s own work.Please see theBTEC International Centre Guide to Assessmentforfurther information on writing assignments.

You can find these rules, in theGuide toInternal Assessment for BTEC Firsts and Nationalsat:

2. Retakes for BTECs on the QCF

The Qualifications andCredit Framework (QCF) does not allow for compensation – this means that BTECFirsts and Nationals on the QCF require learners to achieve every passcriterion in order to successfully achieve the qualification. If a SRFqualification has been developed using QCF methodology then the assessmentrules outlined above will apply.

2.1 Conditions for retaking a new assignment

If a learner has met all of the conditions listed in1.3 Opportunities for resubmissionbut still not achieved the targeted pass criteria following resubmission of anassignment, the Lead Internal Verifiermayauthorise one retakeopportunityto meet the required pass criteria. The Lead Internal Verifiermustonlyauthorise a retake in exceptional circumstances where theybelieve it is necessary, appropriate and fair to do so.· The retakemustbe a new task or assignment targeted only to the pass criteriawhich were not achieved in the original assignment. Pleasesee theBTECCentre International Guide to Assessmentfor further information on writing assignments for retakes (

The assessorcannotaward a merit or distinction grade for a retake.

The assessormustagree and record a clear deadline before the learner starts aretake.

The learner and the assessormustsign declarations ofauthentication as they both did for the previous submissions.

The learnerwill notbe allowed any further resubmissions or retakes.

Standards Verifierswillrequire you to include evidence of any retakes in sampling.

3. Retakes for BTECs on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF)

Compensation is available forBTEC qualifications on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). This means that BTEC Firsts and Nationals onthe NQF do not require learners to achieve every passcriterionin order to successfully achieve the qualification.If a SRF qualification has been developed using NQFmethodology then the assessment rules outlined above will apply.

Retakes of internally assessed units are therefore not available to learners studying BTEC Firsts and Nationals on the NQF.